Cloud Engineering Services

Assessment, Integrations, Automation & Optimization for a Better Cloud

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Cloud Engineering Services

Assessment,  Integration,
Automation & Optimization for a Better Cloud
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Integration architectures and optimization strategies to help you stay ahead of the pack

Tgix works with best-of-breed technologies to engineer highly secure, resilient and scalable cloud solutions. We evaluate your existing infrastructure, identify security gaps, eliminate them, and re-architect your environment with AWS solutions to optimize cost, performance and enhance security.
Enhanced Security
Increased Optimization
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Cloud Engineering Services
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Engineer A Better Cloud

We’ll help you achieve agility and nimbleness with a faster time to market.
Cloud assessment services
Cloud optimization services
Integration services
Build & deploy automation
Site Reliability
Rapid prototyping

Work Examples


Pipeline build, automation and management of multi-tenant blue/green deployment environments

Spaces Operations

Comprehensive assessment services for hybrid cloud architecture, along with opportunities for optimization and operational best-practices


Big Data engineering and integration in a multi-cloud environment


Design and implementation of a state-of-the-art serverless environment, including big data streaming and processing with Amazon Kinesis

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